The column has been a staple of architectural design for centuries. It won favor through the revival periods and continues to inspire timelessly elegant exterior and interior projects today. Whether crafted in ultra-durable fiberglass or naturally beautiful carved wood, the architectural column has an enduring quality and appeal that can be found today in homes and businesses throughout the world.

Our column selection includes columns crafted in materials best suited for both exterior and interior applications. We offer both architecturally correct columns, as well as columns in custom heights and diameters.

  • Perfect for Interior or Exterior Applications
  • Ornate Column Styles, Traditional, & Craftsman Styles
  • Can be Trimmed to fit your Application

Start exploring the beauty of Architectural Columns and turn your ideas into a reality today!Fiberglass columns are the perfect addition to your home. They can be used on the interior or exterior. Common applications are patio columns, porch columns, and entryway columns. We offer Craftsman Style Square Columns for your home. Available in tapered and non-tapered as well as smooth, fluted and raised panel.